LET THE BULLETS FLY (03/30-04/05) (action-comedy)
This entertaining action-comedy, set in the lawless 1920s, is China’s highest grossing film of all time! When train robber “Pocky” Zhang (Jiang Wen) crosses paths with con man Tang (Ge You), they decide to pull off the ultimate heist: stealing the governorship of the rural township of Goose Town, an infallible source of bribes and taxes. But neither realizes that Goose Town is already under the iron rule of the wealthy Master Huang (Chow Yun-Fat), whose charming exterior conceals the heart of a ruthless (and conniving) crime lord, and not eager to share his turf with another grifter.
Facets Multimedia, 1517 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago

Fandango featuring Son del Viento and special guests at Global Dance Party
experiment with dance styles from around the globe. dance class at 8:30 PM followed by two hours of dance music by dance bands and DJs.
Son del Viento Chicago interprets traditional jarocho music, an enduring rhythmic and melodious fusion of indigenous, Spanish and West African music and culture, tracing back hundreds of years to the period of conquest and colonization in southern Veracruz, México. Son del Viento uses handcrafted jaranas, one of the oldest types of guitars in México and plays percussion on donkey jaws and wooden boxes. One SdV member, in the tradition of the jaraneros of México, builds and repairs jaranas, maintaining the fleet of various sizes of jaranas: tercera, segunda, primera, mosquito, requinto and leona.
Old Town School of Folk Music/Myron R. Szold Music & Dance Hall 8.30pm $10
4545 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago

WOMEN OF THE WORLD: Ugochi and Megitza LIVE!

In celebration of International Women’s Month, two of Chicago’s most renowned international performing artists for the first time on one stage!
UGOCHI and The Afro Soul Ensemble (A.S.E.) are taking over the world. Her musical interests span all corners of the globe. Ugochi was born to Nigerian parents in Chicago. She credits both worlds with being the catalyst for her unique word, sound power and singing ability.
MEGITZA is a true concert revelation – an unusual voice, charisma and beauty. Her newest album, recorded in studios across the U.S. and Poland, will be released this year. Megitza’s compositions creatively reference Eastern European folk music, combining the traditional with the modern sounds of jazz, pop, rock, and Americana.
Mayne Stage 9pm
1328 W. Morse Ave. Chicago

Forró Night – Brasil’s Northeast Roots!
bringing new songs and some old classics
w/Marcos Oliveira, Dill Costa, Márcia DeFoe, Marcelo ‘Monstro’, Tomoko Block and Thiago ‘Pata’
3759 N. Damen Ave, Chicago

DJ RINK Live in Chicago! (uptempo blend of Bollywood, Progressive House, & Club tracks)
Tantrik Chicago 9pm-2am
800 W. Superior, Chicago

Munchi’s tracks were built from scratch, imbued with touches of baile funk, cumbia, kuduro, bmore, samba, breakcore and more. By pursuing his own singular vision of what the genre could be, Munchi pointed the way — lots of ways actually — to move moombahton beyond surprisingly serviceable novelty remixes in order to make it a genuine genre. His first EP for Mad Decent, Moombahtonista, was released in Februrary and he’s bringing his music around the US and Europe this year!
Metro 9pm
3730 N. Clark St. Chicago


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