Spotlight on the weekend 11/08-11/10

Spotlight 11/08-11/10
Diwali at the Art Institute, Chicago Humanities Festival,  Mostra Brazilian Film Series, “A Journey to Indonesia”, CHE MALAMBO, Chicago Afrobeat Project, Orisha Dance Chicago Global Dance Party, Funkadesi, Swing Brasileiro, Cuatro Festival, Dancing the Divine

Chicago Afrobeat Project w/Sidewalk Chalk, Ayodele Drum & Dance, Trio Mokili
Chicago Afrobeat Project has risen among afrobeat groups after emerging as one of the first nationally touring American bands to take the sound to the masses. Over the years the band has mastered a sound that successfully weaves the uniqueness of the Chicago music scene with a distinct western-influenced Nigerian style of music.

Funkadesi at FitzGerald’s Nightclub
What distinguishes Funkadesi as a group is each band member’s unique and uncompromised cultural/musical contribution merging to create one unifying sound and vision. With their not-to-be-missed live shows and visible racial and musical diversity. Funkadesi’s one-world sound, roots-watering vision, and positive vibe make the band a unique and compelling musical force MORE

Saturday Nov 09
Diwali at the Art Institute
celebrate the Hindu festival of light! Create a work of art inspired by Indian traditions at activity stations throughout the Ryan Education Center, including the Little Studio for our youngest visitors (under age 5). Explore sculpture in the galleries of Southeast Asian art by drawing and through demonstrations of 3-D imaging and printing. Enjoy dance performances by Kalapriya in a range of styles from Bhangra to Bollywood; then join in a lively community dance!

Cuatro Festival
Established in 1998, the annual Cuatro Festival has become the largest Puerto Rican cultural event in the Midwest. This year, in celebration of its 15th Anniversary, the Puerto Rican Arts Alliance presents the Puerto Rican Philharmonic Orchestra, master cuatrista Quique Domenech, and Chicago Cuatro Orchestra who explore new musical territory. MORE

Sunday November 10
Dancing the Divine at Chicago Humanities Festival
South Asian myths and legends describe a rich, symbiotic relationship between humans and animals. In the Buddhist Jātakas (stories that deal with the previous lifetimes of the Buddha), animals are not mute sufferers in the daily drama of human life, but active participants who catalyze or speak about deep philosophical issues. In ancient Hindu traditions, animals are characters in stories as well as forms through which mortals commune with the divine. Vishnu descends to earth time and again, taking the form of a fish, tortoise, or boar to achieve divine feats. In this program, historian Abhishek Ghosh joins Festival favorite Kalapriya Dance to interpret these tales and offer a rich perspective on how the divine manifests on earth. This program is appropriate for both children and adults. MORE


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