03/08 | Re-Imagine with Kalapriya

A Bollywood Dance Tribute to Raj Kapoor | Kalapriya is proud to present it’s second annual dance retrospective of Bollywood icon film stars called “Re Imagine”.

A Bollywood Dance Tribute to Raj Kapoor. Choreographed by Kalapriya Dance alumni Shalaka G Kulkarni.

Raj Kapoor (14 December 1924  2 June 1988), the “Charlie Chaplin of India”, is easily one of the most celebrated actors and patrons of the Indian film industry, fondly called Bollywood by many. Actor, director, musician,  producer with a fine eye for detail and an agenda of bringing Indian cinema to the world map. Kapoor was also adored by audiences in large parts of Africa, the Middle East, the former Soviet Union,
China and Southeast Asia and his movies were global commercial successes. His films are considered iconic and were hugely influential in chalking the entertainment road map of a  newly independent India.

True to the style of Indian movies, Raj Kapoor was also a huge patron of music and commissioned some of the most popular songs in the history of Bollywood. Kalapriya Dance company is recreating that old world charm that took thousands by storm when Kapoor and his leading ladies came on screen. This special multimedia dance performance will incorporate projections of classic Raj Kapoor Bollywood film clips and set to live dance for two performances only on March 7th and 8th, 2014 at 7:30 pm at the Ruth Page Theater, located at 1016 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60610.

7.30pm Ruth Page Center for the Arts 1016 N Dearborn



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