Butterfly Lovers at Chinese Opera Film Series (04/06)

On June 18, 1954, Charlie Chaplin was invited to a private screening in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland, arranged specifically for him by the Chinese premier Zhou Enlai; the film was Butterfly Lovers. Allegedly called the “Chinese Romeo and Juliet” by Premier Zhou, Butterfly Lovers is a Yue Opera film adaptation of a popular Chinese folktale. Unhappy with her confinement in the inner chambers, Zhu Yingtai goes to attend an all-male school in disguise. There she meets Liang Shanbo and the two spend three years as “sworn brothers” and soul mates. But what will happen to the star-crossed lovers when they must part ways? The film was so successful in mainland China, Hong Kong and South East Asia that it inspired an opera musical genre cycle, including the Shaw Brother’s famous remake, Love Eterne (1963).

2pm FREE Logan Center for the Arts 915 E. 60th St., Chicago

FSC events are free and open to the public. Doors open a half-hour before the top of the show.

Seating is limited and offered on a first come-first served basis unless otherwise noted. Please call for information or assistance.


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