The Greater Chicago Jewish Festival 06/08

The Greater Chicago Jewish Festival expresses the heart and soul of Jewish Chicago. For one single day it intertwines the sounds, sights and smells of Jewish culture and brings together every facet of the Jewish community; young and old, singles and families, regardless of their religious practices and political commitments. It is a day of celebration and tolerance in which we gather to celebrate Jewish identity and share Jewish culture with others. I invite you to come and be part of our “town square of Jewish Chicago” and enjoy the Festival with family and friends.

The Art Fair at the Greater Chicago Jewish Festival, on Sunday, June 8, 11am-6pm, at the Forest Preserve, 6600 W. Oakton in Morton Grove, expects to host a dozen Israeli artists, including Ilan and Daphna Hasson from Jaffa and Ariella Nachshon. Ilan is known for his unique and colorful paintings and Daphna is known for her beautiful papercuts. Joining them is Ariella Nachshon, who combines imagination with an unusual mixture of materials and textures to create beautiful jewelry.



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