01/30 | Orkestar Balkanski Ritmi & Ethnic Dance Chicago Global Dance Party

Orkestar Balkanski Ritmi (Orchestra of Balkan Rhythms) is an ensemble of young Bulgarian musicians who specialize in playing Bitov Music, a folk style of music performed on traditional instruments including the gaida (the bagpipe), the tapan (a large wooden drum played with two specially designed drumsticks), the kaval (an open-ended flute) and the gadulka (a pear-shaped string instrument). Balkanski Ritmi was founded in 2002 by a group of Bulgarian musicians living in the Chicago Area, including Angel Dobrev, Konstantin Marinov and Rumen Apostolov.

Ethnic Dance Chicago (EDC) is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational community of people who enjoy the dances and music of many countries from around the world – the group’s byline is: “Dancing As A Second Language”. Through its weekly dance programs at Chicago’s Latvian Center and at the S.P.A.C.E. Center.

Old Town School Of Folk Music 8.30pm


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