03/20 | A day of worldly music at Andy’s Music Chicago FREE

Andy’s Music Chicago is hosting a FREE LIVE MUSIC ALL DAY AND EVENING LONG. Come shop and enjoy the music. There will be serving beverages and baked goods, and news of the NEW store and CROWD FUNDING!

12noon – Alexander Duvel will play a 45 minute solo on one of the very first fabulous classical Indian instruments he acquired from Andy’s Music back many many years, the SURBAHAR.

1pm – Jia Senghe will be here to breathe deeply into the SHAKUHACHI Japanese Zen flute.

2pm – Mark Placzkowski will give us a 45-minute complete GONG MEDITATION.

3pm – Kim DeVore will treat us to a DJEMBE rhythm feast, complete with DANCER!

4pm – Quentin Shaw, DOUMBEK, Doug Abram, SAXOPHONE, mad improvised world music duet, maybe trio (if Alex sits in)!

5pm – Alexander returns to the Gallery to play his SITAR for a while, music he calls RAGA SOUND CURRENT improvisation.

6pm – SECRETS OF THE BEEHIVE will be here to share some of their sounds. Members: Jason Winslade – vocals, shruti box, melodica, tone drums, djembe, doumbek, percussion. Katherine Ciecko – voice, percussion, glockenspiel, chimes Featured Guests: Mikaylo Kelly – percussion, didge. Nate Torrence – instruments.

7pm – WINDSTRUCK, a DIDJERIDOO-centered world music ambient jam band will perform some of their original soundscapes.

Also, this is a celebration to commemorate the new beginning of WORLDS OF MUSIC CHICAGO, the next level experience in World Music instruments, repairs, lessons and events.

This is a completely FREE public event, so come one come all Andy’s Music lovers. MORE .


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