04/19 | DakhaBrakha, Ana Tijoux(Chilean rapper and singer), MILLENNIUM MAMBO (QIANXI MANBO) Film by Hou Hsiao-hsien (Taiwan) and more..

DakhaBrakha (Ukrainian folk melodies and rhythms) at Mayne StageReflecting fundamental elements of sound and soul, Ukrainian “ethno-chaos” band DakhaBrakha, create a world of unexpected new music. The name DakhaBrakha is original, outstanding and authentic at the same time. It means “give/take” in the old Ukrainian language.
Accompanied by Indian, Arabic, African, Russian and Australian traditional instrumentation, the quartet’s astonishingly powerful and uncompromising vocal range creates a trans-national sound rooted in Ukrainian culture. Mayne Stage 6pm & 9pm

 Violeta se fue a las cielos (Violeta is in Heaven) FREEVioleta se fue a los cielos/ Violeta is in Heaven (2010, 110 min- In Spanish) recounts the fascinating life of Violeta Parra (1917-67), Chilean composer, songwriter, folklorist, visual artist, and mother of the New Chilean Song Movement and traces Parra’s story from her humble beginnings in rural Chile to her life as a cultural icon. Violeta Parra’s revival of Chilean traditional music galvanized a socially and politically committed pan-Latin American folk music movement, the “nueva canción,” and became a reference for other Latin American artists committed to their national legacies. The film features a rich soundtrack of Parra’s influential songs.

  MILLENNIUM MAMBO (QIANXI MANBO) Film by Hou Hsiao-hsien (Taiwan) – Hou puts mesmerizingly beautiful Hong Kong starlet Shu Qi at the center of this episodic story of a Taipei club-hopper torn between her lethargic relationship with a part-time DJ and her attraction to an older rough-hewn gangster. Compared by critics to Wong Kar-wai’s IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (with Mark Lee Ping-bin’s sensuous cinematography a link between the two films), MILLENNIUM MAMBO is a key film in the late-career broadening of Hou’s range into more contempo and global directions. In Mandarin and Japanese with English subtitles. 35mm. (BS)

Ana Tijoux(Chilean rapper and singer) / Dos Santos Cumbia)Thalia Hall – Ana Tijoux (also known as Anita Tijoux, born Anamaría Merino Tijoux on June 12, 1977 in Lille, France) is a Chilean rapper and singer, who became famous in the late 90’s as a female MC of hip-hop band Makiza and later as a solo artist. She moved to Santiago, Chile in 1993, where she’s stayed.
In 2007 Anita appeared on Julieta Venegas’ hit single, “Eres para mí” and finally released her solo debut, Kaos. Thanks to the first single, “Despabílate”, Anita was nominated for the Latin version of the MTV Video Music Awards 2007 under the categories Best New Artist and Best Urban Artist.
In October 2009, Tijoux released her second solo album, titled 1977 after the year she was born. The album was a return to her rap roots, an homage to the “golden age of hip-hop”; it was largely auto-biographical, exploring mature themes from her own life, from the death of a close friend to having a creative crises, from friendship to bad luck, amongst others.

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