Israeli Jazz and World Music Festival 2015 (05/14-22)

Israeli Jazz and World Music Festival 2015 (05/14-22)

From Israeli Blues to Yemenite folk, from Turkish to modern, and from Middle Eastern to smooth, straight-ahead Jazz, festival fans can expect a diverse fusion of sounds. The third Israeli Jazz & World Music Festival will be held Thursday, May 14 through Friday, May 22, 2015, at nine different venues throughout Chicago. Each of the seven artists reflects the multicultural mosaic and collaborative spirit of Israel. The festival highlights the global hospitality and international cultural scene in Chicago.

The festival kicks off on May 14 with Tammy Scheffer’s Morning Bound, who debuts a new CD for the festival opening with new partners at Constellation. Throughout the week, festival fans can enjoy free shows at the Chicago Cultural Center and Millennium Park (Oran Etkin Trio) and Bright Star Church in Bronzeville (Mika Hary Quartet). Expect a packed weekend at the Green Mill with international star Omer Avital. The closing evening features 2014 festival favorite Avishai Cohen’s TRIVENI at the Old Town School of Folk Music, and a special concert in Evanston, featuring Yinon Muallem and Chicago-based Donovan Mixon.

* 7 artists * 9 venues *3 free concerts * 10 total shows

5/14 – Tammy Scheffer’s Morning Bound @ Constellation

5/15 – 5/16 – Omer Avital Quintet @ Green Mill

5/17 –Mika Hary Quartet @ Bright Star Church

5/18 – Mika Hary Quartet @ Promontory

5/19 – Lazer Lloyd @ House of Blues

5/20 – Oran Etkin Trio @ Chicago Cultural Center

5/21 – Oran Etkin Trio @ Millennium Park with Chicago Children’s Choir

5/22 – Avishai Cohen’s TRIVENI @ Old Town School of Folk Music

5/22 – Offlines featuring Yinon Muallem and Guy Mintus with Donovan Mixon @ Heartwood

The 2015 Israeli Jazz & World Music Festival is presented by the Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest.



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