06/07 | Red Baraat (north Indian brass funk) at City Winery

One of the best party bands around, Red Baarat plays rollicking funk music steeped in Northern India’s wedding celebrations, with a dash of D.C. go-go beats and hip-hop. The dance-friendly group performs a loud, high-energy set

“When we originally started in 2008, the group was going to be rooted in Punjabi music,” Jain explains. Born and raised in Rochester, NY as a first generation Indian American, Jain drew upon his early musical education for the concept of Red Baraat.
As Gaadi of Truth reveals, Red Baraat’s sound has broadened considerably over the past six years, expanding to embrace digital and electronic flourishes alongside the band’s original acoustic underpinnings. “With Gaadi of Truth, the new steps are that I’m putting the dhol through some effects pedals,” Jain explains, “while our sousaphone player is processing his sound through various synth effects.” The band’s open approach to sound and community is also reflected by the participation of indie-rock guitar giant Delicate Steve Marion, who flexes his six-string muscles on “Bhangale” and Sikh MC Mandeep Sethi, who guests on “Zindabad”. The record also includes club-ready remixes of “Layers” and “Horizon Line”, created by Karsh Kale, and Lost In The Trees, respectively.
City Winery 8pm


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