06/20&21 Ikka Nakashima Sensei Kimono Exhibition FREE at Japanese Culture Center

The JCC in conjunction with the Aikido International Foundation is hosting a kimono exhibition from the Ikka Nakashima Sensei Collection.

Nakashima Sensei was the second woman ever to receive The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays award. This is the highest honor given outside the Imperial family. The Emperor of Japan personally presented her with this award in Tokyo for her tireless efforts and dedication to promoting Japanese arts and culture.

There will be 20 kimonos from the collection on display, as well as, a demonstrations and displays of Ikebana (flower arrangement) and Chanoyu (tea ceremony).

Entrance to the event is free!

Guests will also have the opportunity to have their photo taken in traditional Japanese attire with a request of a small donation to the AIF (a 501c-3 non-for-profit charity). All proceeds will help fund the Nakashima Sensei Tea House being created in the JCC in Chicago. This will be the first active tea house for study of the arts in the city!

12pm-7pm Japanese Culture Center 1016 W Belmont Ave, Chicago


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