06/21| Sound Culture presents The Meridian Brothers (Colombia) at Mayne Stage

“Genius prophets of Colombian weirdness” MTV

Colombia’s Psychedelic Tropical Outfit The Meridian Brothers perform at Mayne Stage in their first ever US Tour.Joined by (((SONORAMA))) & Agúzate DJ’s.

Colombian guitarist and composer Eblis Alvarez started The Meridian Brothers back in 1998 as a vehicle for his own experimental music. Over the years, the group has evolved into a five-piece band focused on re-interpreting all manners of Latin Tropical rhythms (cumbia, vallenato, salsa, merengue, guaguanco etc..) with a strong psychedelic and experimental sensibility. The Meridian Brothers’ music uses popular Latin American rhythms, augmented by sampling techniques, elaborate effect processing, and Eblis’ quirky and theatrical vocals, which channel imaginary characters with both pathos and humor.

The group’s past two records (released by UK label Soundways) have proved very popular in South America and Europe where the Meridian Brothers have toured extensively and started to reach out to an audience more familiar with rock than Latin music.Some of the festivals they’ve played include Colombia’s Rock al Parque, Denmark’s Roskilde Festival, France’s Les transmusicales, Mexico’s Festival Nrmal,  and Spain’s Festival Periferias.

Eblis Alvarez has been an intricate part of the new generation of Colombian musicians for the past ten years. He is also a member of Ondatropica (Quantic, Mario Galeano) and Frente Cumbiero as well as Los Pirañas. Meridian Brothers include Maria Valencia (saxophone, clarinet, percussion and synthesizers), Damian Ponce (Percussion), Cesar Quevedo (bass) and Alejandro Forero (electronics and synthesizers).

FREE ticket offer HERE

7.30pm Mayne Stage | 1328 W. Morse Avenue | Chicago, IL 60626 | Box Office 773.381.4554


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