09/04-07 | The Apu Trilogy at Gene Siskel Film Center

“The great, sad, gentle sweep of the Apu Trilogy remains in the mind of the moviegoer as a promise of what film can be. Standing above fashion, it creates a world so convincing that it becomes, for a time, another life we might have lived.”
– Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

From September 4 through 7, the Gene Siskel Film Center presents Satyajit Ray’s Apu Trilogy. Each of the three films is screened twice, with all three playing on September 6.

Fri 09/04
Pather Panchali (Song of the Little Road) | Ray’s first and most acclaimed film, this dense mosaic of village life introduces Apu’s dreamy father, fretful mother, cynical aunt, and tempestuous older sister, with the child Apu a wide-eyed observer who is eventually pulled by sorrow and change into the stream of life. Beautifully balancing the prosaic and the poetic, PATHER PANCHALI depicts both harsh poverty and childhood raptures with unsentimental compassion. In Bengali with English subtitles. 4K DCP digital restoration. (MR)

Sun 09/06
Pather Panchali (Song of the Little Road) 3pm

Aparajito (The Unvanquished) | 5.30pm
APARAJITO follows Apu from age ten to seventeen. One of the cinema’s most profound treatments of parent-child relationships, this wide-ranging work shows Apu as a street urchin in the holy city of Benares, an eager schoolboy in the palmy countryside, and a university student in Calcutta, where he inevitably grows away from his devoted mother. In Bengali with English subtitles. 4K DCP digital restoration. (MR)

The World of Apu (Apur Sansar) | 8.30pm
Satyajit Ray (1921-1992) was India’s greatest filmmaker, and the Apu Trilogy is his most celebrated achievement. Based on Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay’s classic autobiographical novels, the three films trace the hero’s life from birth to early manhood. The entire trilogy is unified around such elemental themes as country/city, tradition/change, and life/death, resonantly rhymed and intertwined from one film to the next. Brilliantly scored by Ravi Shankar, each of the films stands on its own as a masterpiece of humanist cinema; together they form one of the richest viewing experiences in the history of cinema.

Mon 09/07
Aparajito (The Unvanquished) 3pm
The World of Apu (Apur Sansar) 5.15pm

Although the original negatives were burned in a 1993 lab fire, the Apu Trilogy has been meticulously and beautifully restored to 4K digital by the Criterion Collection in collaboration with the Academy Film Archive at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. — Martin Rubin

Buy a ticket at our regular prices for any screening of an Apu Trilogy film and get a ticket for the other films at this discount rate for each with proof of your original purchase: General Admission $7; Students $5; and Members $4. (This discount rate applies to the second and third features only. Discount available in person at the box office only.)
Gene Siskel Film Center, 164 North State Street, Chicago


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