SAT 10/31 | Yoruba Andabo (Rumba) at Old Town School of Folk Music

Rumba is Cuban and without Cuba, there is no Rumba. As simple as that! Come and enjoy the rumba experience with Yoruba Andabo!
“The possibility of experiencing a night with Yoruba Andabo was a unique one.Unique since one can witness an incredible reunion between something sacred,mystic and an atavistic and inborn sense of partying. The audience was transported to a separate world, a world of intense colors, of full joy and beauty.If the roots are, undoubtedly African and ancient, the charm of today’s musicisan authentic wonder…”

The Yoruba Andabo Company was born on the piers of the port of Havana in 1961 when a group of laborers would get together for parties and artistic events through their union. They gave rise to the Guaguanco Marítimo Portuario, a group which, in 1985, began their professional career with the name Yoruba Andabo. From that time forward, they have offered their art as part of the diverse activities of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).

Today, the group is made up of 16 artists; singers, percussionists and dancers. This crew of artists express the various musical genres that represent the African roots of the Cuban culture including Conga, Yoruba, Abakua, and the full range of RUMBA with its traditional rhythms, especially Yambu, Guaguancó and Columbia. The group also fuses elements of other musical genres creating contemporary sounds and voices.

Several artists within Yoruba Andabo also work as educators and give master classes and workshops in voice, dance, and percussion. They draw from a large musical repertoire with unique choreographies that grow and deepen every year.

Also join Yoruba Andabo for two workshops on Sunday, November 1:
Introduction to Afro-Cuban Dance with Compañia Folklórica Yoruba Andabo and Introduction to Afro-Cuban Percussion with Compañia Folklórica Yoruba Andabo

Enjoy the rumba experience with Yoruba Andabo!

7pm Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N Lincoln Ave · Gary and Laura Maurer Concert Hall


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