03/04&05 Omayra Amaya at Chicago Flamenco Festival

Performances: 7:30  7:45 pm. Guest Artists, 7:45-8:45 pm. Omayra Amaya

Maya Tatiana
Maya represents the complete dancer. Her love of dance drove her to study many dance forms including oriental, jazz, and modern. She earned a bachelor’s degree in dance from the University of Illinois. Upon seeing one of José Greco’s spectacular performances, Maya became an aficionado of Flamenco. Subsequently, she traveled often to Spain to live and study the art of Flamenco. While living in Madrid, she performed at the Famed Molino Rojo. She has toured the U.S. with such companies and artists as the Boston Flamenco Ballet, Art España, Ballet de Madrid, José Greco and Susanna DiPalma’s Zorongo Flamenco. Most recently she founded the Lucero Flamenco Dance group in Chicago. They have performed throughout the East Coast and the Midwest, including at the Folk and Roots Festival in 2005. Maya performs regularly at Meson Sabika in Naperville. She has been on faculty at the Old Town School of Folk Music since 2000. She also teaches at the ARCC Ballet, and at her own Flamenquita Studio here in Chicago.

The Festival’s impressive line-up spans the world of music and dance and features some of art’s brightest rising stars as well as established and critically acclaimed artists.
Presented by Instituto Cervantes, Arte y Vida Chicago& Flamenco Arts Center.

2/23 A Palo Seco  at City Winery Chicago;
2/26 + 2/27; Tablao Sevilla with Ismael Fernandez & Sonia Olla
3/4 + 3/5; Omayra Amaya
3/7; Ronnie Malley and Las Guitarras de España present “The Roots of Flamenco: Andaluz and Arabic music and dance” at City Winery
3/11 + 3/12; Colores del Alma with Adriana Maresma




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