03/18 | GlobalFEST’s Creole Carnival at City Winery

featuring Brushy One String, Emeline Michel & Casuarina !

“Having Brazil, Jamaica, and Haiti on the same stage is a spicy, winning combination, a flavorful cocktail because of our political, cultural, and musical history and background. This project is a sure ticket to travel and understand the diversity of the world we are in. Therefore an open door to tolerance and compassion towards others,” says Emeline Michel. “globalFEST brings a wider spectrum and possibilities for having my music exposed to places I might never be able reach. I am also excited about the possibility to create moments on stage and new music with fellow touring companions.”

Just in time for Carnival season, globalFEST’s Creole Carnival Tour (February 2016) honors African musical currents alongside a fusion of sounds from the Americas, that have ignited the sounds of Carnival, the pre-Lent festival celebrated globally that’s everyone’s favorite excuse for a party. From Brazil (Casuarina) — the superpower of celebration — to Haiti (Emeline Michel) and Jamaica (Brushy One String), each culture has its own rich traditions of music, dance, costumes, and cutting loose. The tour’s international trio of artists will delve into the musical riches of Carnival, and explore how magic and religious fervor intersect in a madcap, no-holds-barred soiree.
Brushy One String: Jamaican music soaked in soul, played on a single unstoppable guitar string
Emeline Michel: Shimmering, rhythmic sounds with a call for change and hope from Haiti’s leading lady
Casuarina: Rio’s modern Afro-Brazilian samba stars play timeless classics and their own songs.

City Winery, 1200 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607


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