03/19 | Dancing Krishna w/Mandala Arts

Mandala Arts brings the stories of Krishna to life through two streams of classical Indian dance: Kathak and Bharat Natyam. The lyricism, pirouettes and gliding movements of Kathak offer a contrast to the structure, concision and geometric delivery of Bharat Natyam. Dancing Krishna gracefully merges the two forms; it is a dynamic display of expressive storytelling and dazzling rhythmic patterns. Accompanied by a live ensemble of traditional musicians, the dance artists break apart and meld the two different styles, bearing the harmony and tension of movement through Krishna’s story.

Perfomers include:
Anu Bhatt — Bharatanatyam Dancer
Ashwaty Chennat — Bharatantayam Dancer
Gurmeet Marhas — Kathak Dancer
Kinnari Vora — Bharatanatyam Dancer
Pallavi Raisurana — Kathak Dancer

4:30pm and 7:30pm. Mandala Arts/Katten/Landau Studio at 425 S Wabash (4th floor) Suite # 520, Chicago. 


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