04/12 | Matuto (ma-two-toe) (Brazilian Bluegrass)

Matuto (ma-two-toe) is Brazilian slang for country bumpkin. Imagine the sound of a Brazilian Carnaval in the Appalachian Mountains. A sound where dynamic percussion instruments rumble beneath blues drenched vocals, Telecaster twangs, and folksy fiddle tunes.
“These engaging Brazilian Forró rockers borrow from jazz and funk in their lively sets.” – New York Times
“The joyous, ebullient music of Matuto merges the forró folkloric music of Brazil with the sounds of all-American bluegrass. Violin, accordion, and a range of Brazilian percussion give this band, founded by South Carolina native Clay Ross, a seductively cross-cultural appeal.” – Chicago Tribune
“The accordion will make you want to throw salt on your hardwood floors and two-step with someone.” – The Examiner
While many bands attempt ambitious fusion projects, few succeed in such an authentic way.” – RootsWorld
“The sound resulting from Matuto?s lab is a mature blend which seems to expand and update the musical legacy of MPB (Música Popular Brasileria), refreshing the relationship that for so many decades has existed between U.S. American folk musics and Brazil?s own musical heritage.” – Black Grooves

Employing renowned musicians across NYC’s diverse jazz, roots, and world music scenes, Matuto features violin, guitar, accordion, bass, drums, and various Brazilian percussion instruments: the alfaia (a large, wooden, rope-tuned bass drum), the pandeiro (a Brazilian tambourine), the berimbau (a single-string on a bow struck with a small stick), and the agogô (a pair of small, pitched metal bells.)

With an honest love for roots music, genuine Brazilian styles, and improvisational experimentation, Matuto creates a unique and inspired sound from the heart of New York City’s diverse musical culture.

7pm Reggies Rock Club 2109 S State St, Chicago


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