04/15 Dabkeh: Palestinian Folk Dance at OTS

Join Old Town School of Folk Music for a Dabkeh workshop with Muna Zarour.  Dabkeh is a type of folk group dance common in various regions of the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine). The term “Dabkeh” is an Arabic word for foot stomping, the dance is usually performed in a circle while holding hands, symbolizing solidarity and unity. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and be prepared to participate in an energetic dance that involves jumping and foot stomping to fast paced music. Muna Zarour is a Chicago based choreographer who specializes in both traditional and contemporary forms of dabkeh. Muna will walk you through the basic steps (and perhaps more complex ones) towards what promises to be a fun packed evening.

8.30pm Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago IL 60625 • 773.728.6000


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