07/23 | Legends Concert & Bantu Fest at Kleo Center | FREE

The Legends Concert and Bantu Fest is a one of a kind event that promotes cultural exchange and connection among nations. The event is designed to educate people of all nations on countries featured, through their music, food, culture, history, entertainment and more. The event features bands and local artists performing Legends’ famous hits from featured Countries and World Wide – Live. Some of the featured countries are; Haiti, Belize, Cameroon, Jamaica, USA, Congo, Senegal, Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia, Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana and more. The event will feature live bands, live performances, children and family fun/learning activities, workshops, food (Taste of featured countries), vendors and more. This is a family-friendly event that will bring together at least 5,000 people from different demographics; the goal is to promote Family, Love, Unity and Cultures.

Kleo Center 119 E. Garfield Blvd. Chicago, IL 60637


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