08/20 | Mehmet Polat Trio – workshop & Concert at Worlds of Music Chicago

The Mehmet Polat Trio is a spiritual yet adventurous meeting of three virtuosos of magical instruments: Ney, Kora and Oud. With roots in the Ottoman, ancient Anatolian, Balkan and West African music traditions, the trio welcome listeners with its musical authenticity. The original compositions are colored by daring improvisations and grooves, presented in an atmosphere of chamber music.

After a successful debut album, The Mehmet Polat Trio is moving forward to its path with a deeper sense of fusing those musical traditions, bringing together fresh ideas, letting in the new energies and as well new musicians. Pelin Başar is the new Ney player in Trio. She has studied Classical Turkish Music and Composition in Istanbul, accompanied to the State Choir in Samsun, Turkey and recently moved to France, Paris. Victor Sams is the new Ngoni (small Kora) player of the trio. Victor was born and raised in Dutch Antilles, he grew up with reggae music from the Caribbean lands. He was always interested in re-bounding to his African roots. He went to Mali to study West African music and he infused his studies with his reggae traditions and brings them out through his Ngoni playing.

As the reviews declare, The Mehmet Polat Trio is more than a new combination of Turkish and African instruments. Polat thinks that music playing is a sincere and direct connection from heart to heart. In the music of the Trio, Polat fuses his artistic perfectionism with his ongoing spiritual paths, which appear as many deep expressions and many colors in his compositions. Polat’s compositions are mostly in Jazz forms with lots of free space for each musician to improvise in. With a wide range of tone, makam from the Classic Turkish Music and the rhythm choices from Turkey, Balkan and World infused with African interpretation, these musicians are pushing their boundaries and moving forward in fusing the sound of this unique blend of instruments and the musical traditions from which they originate.
The Mehmet Polat Trio is currently preparing to record their second album ‘Ask Your Heart’, expected to be released in 2016.

Mehmet Polat (Turkey) – Oud & Compositions
Victor Sams (Dutch Antilles) – Ngoni & Percussion
Pelin Başar (Turkey) – Ney

Mehmet Polat Trio – World Music Workshop 2pm-4pm

Concert 8pm Worlds of Music Chicago, 4161 N Damen Ave, Chicago


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