08/30 | Baeoa w/East Meets Middle East and Pet Peeve at Martyrs’

Baeoa is a musical and cultural movement. The music group was the brainchild of international artists who all converged in Chicago. The group’s mission is to create contemporary Middle Eastern music drawing on its members’ various influences including rock, folk, jazz, and classical genres.
Baeoa is a cultural movement that uses art and music for social change. The music group was the brainchild of international artists from the Middle East, Egypt, Serbia, and Chicago. Baeoa has a genre-defying sound blending rock, jazz, and classical Middle Eastern music with Arabic and English poetry. https://www.facebook.com/baeoamusic/

East Meets Middle East (EMME) is a musical collaboration across continents. The group celebrates the rich musical traditions of the Middle East and South Asia. From India, Subrata Bhattacharya (tabla) and Abhisek Lahiri (sarod) join local world musicians Ronnie Malley (oud) and George Lawler (percussion) for a unique sound combining improvisation and original compositions. https://www.facebook.com/eastmeetsmiddleeast

Pet Peeve – Carpathian rock group bringing the Near East rock mayhem!
PET PEEVE is a Chicago band who formed gradually over a two-year period starting in 2007. Their music include a wide range of influences that vary from Americana, klezmer, gypsy, folk to indie pop and rock. Since their formation, the band has played numerous venues, parties, living rooms, kitchens, roof tops and porches throughout the Midwest and continues to captivate and move audiences to dance with their fiery and leg slapping melodies. PET PEEVE released its first album titled An Attic Abroad in March 2010. For more information on the group’s vagabondism visit their wasted space at http://www.petpeevemusic.com/

8pm Martyrs’ 3855 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago


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