09/01 |Shalizar Ensemble (Persian music) and “An Iranian Journey.” w/photographer Hossein Fatemi

Celebrate Iranian culture with a night of Iranian music, photography, and food (and a bit of poetry too)! Shalizar Ensemble will perform traditional Persian music as well as music from neighboring countries – mostly on regional instruments. You’ll hear Sufi songs, Central Asian dance melodies, and vocals in Kurdish, Azeri, Arabic, and various dialects of Farsi. In addition, photographer Hossein Fatemi will give a lecture and slideshow showing photographs from a series entitled “An Iranian Journey.” These photographs document social and cultural realities of Iran that contradict both Western stereotypes and the image of Iran promoted by the Iranian government.

Shalizar Ensemble plays traditional music from several regions of Iran as well as from Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan – mostly on traditional instruments from the Middle East and Central Asia. The current ensemble includes Ramin Takloo-Bigash (tombak, vocals), Eli Suzukovich (oud, setar, dotar), Tahra Eissa (kanun), Kathleen Cantone (daf, doira), and Sam Hyson (violin, kemancheh), Phaedra Darwish (flute, vocals), and Negin Almassi (vocals).

About Shalizar Ensemble

Hossein Fatemi began his career in photography in 1997. Since then, he has travelled extensively and worked in Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Russia, India, Somalia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and the USA. His work has been exhibited internationally and published widely and has received numerous awards. His series “An Iranian Journey” consists of photographs taken between 2004 and 2014. Hossein published them while in the United States in 2014, and consequently was unable to return to Iran for political reasons. Ever since, he has been based in Chicago, where he has continued his work in social documentation and has trained and guided other photographers doing similar work in Iran.

Suggested donation $20-30.
The house show will start at 7pm – please be on time in order to enjoy homemade Iranian food fishes and ensure you are able to get a seat, as space is limited. Seating primarily will be on the floor, but chairs are available for those who need them. It is recommended to arrive via bicycle or public transportation, as finding free parking can be difficult.

7pm Tearoomochik, 6913 N Lakewood, Chicago


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