09/03-12/13 | No Borders: Contemporary Latin American Cinema

This series looks at fourteen Latin American films made from the early 1980s, when many countries in the region were transitioning to democracy after long periods of dictatorship, through the present day. We will examine how experimentation with conventional narrative, documentary technique, and film form have allowed Latin American filmmakers to comment on their respective countries’ recent histories, ongoing social problems, and prospects for the future. What role does cinema have to play in confronting legacies of military regimes; difficult questions around poverty, migration and narcotrafficking; debates over emerging racial and sexual identities; and aspirations for a just and prosperous future in a region historically bereft of one?

09/13 | The Official Story “La historia oficial”
09/20 | Neighboring Sounds “O Som ao Redor”
09/25 & 27 | CHILDREN OF MEN
10/01 & 10/04 | The Secret in Their Eyes “El secreto de sus ojos”

Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago 164 N. State Street | Chicago, IL 60601 Hotline: (312) 846 2800



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