10/02 | The Incomplete Gesture – Natya Dance Theatre, Eye on India 2016

Eye on India is an annual cultural festival that presents the best of traditional and contemporary Indian art, literary and cultural forms to local audiences. The program includes a mix of art exhibits, debates and discussion panels, cultural performances, and collaborations with local artists and groups in the city of Chicago. Eye on India has established itself as the leading festival of India in the diverse cultural calendar of North America. This year the Festival will take place from September 17 – October 2, 2016.

10/01 | Kolam Making &  Kolams: Convergence of Art and Mathematics FREE 11AM
Kolams are designs made by trickling powder through the fingers. They are almost exclusively made by South Indian Hindu women. Small to medium kolams are put every morning between the street and the home, and larger kolams are put on special occasions. The Tamil month of Margazhi (mid-December through mid-January) is a time when women go out of their way to create a different large kolam every day. Women have informal and formal contests during this month, and take great pride in being recognized by their community as experts.
Presentation by Dr Sunita Vatuk will focus on kolams of Tamil Nadu and the women who make them; on the nature and doing of mathematics, and on the connection between the two. Event is free and open to the public.

10/01  The Incomplete Gesture – Natya Dance Theatre 8pm
Created by Natya Founder and Artistic Director Hema Rajagopalan in collaboration with Eri Mefri, Artistic Director of Indonesia’s Nan Jombang Dance, The Incomplete Gesture explores the tension of miscommunication. The centerpiece of The Incomplete Gesture is the lack of a common cultural vocabulary and our struggle to be not only welcomed, but to be understood.

The Incomplete Gesture expresses the frustration of misunderstanding and communication lapses: gaps that are bridged only when we connect as people committed to loving each other.This production brings together rhythmic footwork and geometric, lyrical movements rooted in Bharata Natyam with contemporary dance rooted in Indonesian martial arts.

Tickets: $20 | $28 | $38 To order, call (847) 673-6300 or visit northshorecenter.org/event/natya-dance-theatre/



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