02/15 | Gros Ngolle Pokossi -Album Release Party – World Music Wednesday

Gros Ngolle Pokossi, a Cameroonian musician who specializes in electric bass with extensive experience in performing live, recording, and composing Afrobeat, jazz, funk, ethnomusic and pop.  Gros has had the honor of working with Decording Society, Trilok Gurtu, Claude Chalhoub, Nneka, and Frank McComb among many other talented musicians.

Gros’s current personal project is Gros Pokossi & Band.  The idea behind Gros Pokossi & Band is to take jazz standards, for example, Giant Steps, Freedom Jazz Dance, All Blues, etc., and then apply African grooves to them such as Mangabeu, Soukouss, and Makossa.  Original pieces are also featured.  Vocals sung in English and two regional languages of Cameroon: Bakaka and Doula.

8.30pm Old Town School of Folk Music FREE



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