03/19 | Lakha Khan Duo (SUFI MUSIC ) & Sara Ranganathan (INDIAN VEENA): Indian Sarangi & Veena Music

Lakha Khan (Rajasthan, India) is a living legend and the undisputed master of the sindhi sarangi. His music resonates with a broad audience (both Western and the Indian-Pakistani diaspora). A national treasure, LakhKhan is a Sangeet Natak Akademi award winner for his contribution to Rajasthani folk music, and perhaps the greatest exponent of the sindhi sarangi. He was born in the village of Raneri in Jodhpur district, Rajasthan, India into a family of traditional musicians from the Manganiyar community. He was trained at an early age by his father Tharu Khan and later, by his uncle Mohammad Khan, in rendering the compositions of the Multan school of Manganiyars. His first public performances were in the late 60’s and 70’s under the guidance of the late Komal Kothari, a highly regarded Indian historian and ethnomusicologist. Today, Lakha Khan is one of the last remaining Manganiyars to have mastered this complex instrument and to carry forward the centuries-old musical tradition of Rajasthani and Multani folk and Sufi music. He has performed at the Edinburgh Folk Music Festival, The Amarrass Desert Music Festival, Sensational India Festival at the Peabody Essex Museum, Old and New Dreams Festival Chicago and many more. He will be accompanied by his masterful son, Dane Khan on the dholak folk drum for the tour and US performances.
Lakha Khan: sarangi / vocal
Dane Khan: dholak drum
“In the master’s had, the Sufi-influenced melody he coaxes from it (the sarangi) is transformative” – Michael Sullivan (NPR Weekend Edition)
“A real treasure” – Simon Broughton, Editor Rough Guide to World Music, Songlines
Saraswathi Ranganathan:
“the swirling combination of Veena and Tablas picked up into an impressive hypnotic trance” -LASplash
“enraptured the audience with delightfully pleasing phrase” – The Hindu
“Chicago’s most versatile Veena artist” -Chicago Tribune
These are some of the descriptions you hear of Saraswathi’s music. Saraswathi (or Sara) Ranganathan, a resident of Chicago, is a performing Carnatic Classical (South Indian) Veena artist and cross-cultural music ambassador, who believes in the power of ‘one-stage one-music one-community’ through artistically enriching collaborative endeavors with Carnatic music as the medium. For those unfamiliar with the instrument, Veena is a timeless ancient stringed instrument from Southern India akin to the lute, known for its bass mellow tone. Saraswathi tirelessly strives to bring sounds of the Veena to a diverse audience, through concerts at prestigious world music festivals, collaborations with highly talented reputed artistes from different genres, creative workshops at schools, lecture-demonstrations at colleges for world music courses, educational performances at museums and other noted places of public interest, demos at libraries, founding her school Ensemble of Ragas, and through her multi-cultural band Surabhi.
DJ WARP and DJ Spincycle (aka Ankur Malhotra) will play Indian music and more before and during the break.

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