06/14 | Inti Raymi and Yachay Wasi Peru – FREE -World Music Wednesday

Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun) recaptures the rhythms and sounds of centuries past from the music of the Incas, a people whose wisdom embraced not only science and art, but also an understanding of the human spirit and the voyage into mysteries at once timeless and eternal.

The music of Inti Raymi, like that of the Incas before them, echoes the loneliness of the land, the silence of the mountains and the drama of turbulent times.

The group’s members; messengers of their ancestral legacy, bring to life the ancient and traditional music of the Andes through the haunting echoes of the charango, the quena and zamponas with bombo and llama heels keeping time suggesting strength and embracing with their intense musical energy.

Since 1987, Inti Raymi’s mission has been promoting traditional music from the Andes with the hopes of preventing ethnic and cultural deterioration. This is what drives and makes Inti Raymi’s work a reality.

8.30 pm Old Town School of Folk Music. FREE 


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