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“Meeting people is one of the best things given to us humans, to meet a pair of eyes and listen. Feel the beating heart and hold each other’s hand, you don’t always have to agree on each other’s opinions and sometimes we feel sorrow or anger, hurt or laugh together but the main thing .. is to listen.
Go out to the streets, meet the other, do endeavor to cross the external borders and your internal ones.
This is the time. Not later. Right now.
We have to go back to being human” ~ Lee Ziv

World Fusion Chicago
Culture and gatherings for the global minded souls….

World Fusion Chicago‘s mission is to bring focus to Chicago’s 37+ ethnic communities’ cultural contributions to making our diverse city beautiful.

I hope your visit was informative and you discovered at least one thing that you didn’t know before and tell your friends where you found it. Your involvement breathes life to this project, so please share, like and tweet, together we can create a better Chicago !


Hi my name is Thamara and this is a one woman project, so there will be delays and mishaps, please remind me if I forget and advise me if I make a mistake. My goal is to provide one place where Global minded Chicagoans would have access to most world culture related events in Chicago.

Thank you,

Wishing you love and peace


Million Thanks to

Artist and Muralist Robert Ryan @ Robert Ryan Studio

Singer/Song writer Kevin Leeds of Kevin Leeds and The Global Coolings

DJ David Chavez @ SoundCultureChicago.Com

Amor Montes de Oca @ arteyvidachicago.com

Multimedia artist/Photographer Matthew L Ginger

 Rick at  HotOn1 Salsa

Leo Suarez Macondo Colombian Empnada and fairtrade Coffee

Tushar Samant  now-is.org

Marta Nicholas & Demetrio Maguigad  WHPK 88.5 FM

John Ibarra  Quennect 4 Gallery

for your continuing support and friendship

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