from Chicago

Looking for Chicago based world music Artists?

There are 37 ethnic groups in the Chicago area with at least 25,000 members in each group and speaking 132 languages. We are truly blessed and fortunate to be able to enjoy these wonderful artists here, Please show your support and appreciation by  visiting their pages and attending their concerts.
Chicago Folklore Ensemble A union of musical and oral histories collected from master musicians hailing from Jordan, Ghana, Argentina, Thailand and Serbia
From the Serbian mountains of blood and honey to the passionate coasts of Argentina, rattling buses tearing through Thai countryside and back to sweet home Chicago, we’ll take you on a journey around the world atop a carpet of music and story. String quartet and storyteller come together to narrate the sights, sounds, and emotions stored in the memories of Chicago immigrant musicians.

Radio Free Honduras “Traditional Honduran music with Rhumbas, Los Lobos inspired rock, and south of the border soul. Charlie Baran has made a record that feels right at home as a summer sound-track for Chicago’s eclectic Latin neighborhoods.” (Illinois Entertainer)

FunkaDesi (world, punjabi folk, bhangra, reggae) “This ideal party band . . . also bears messages of togetherness. . . . The rhythms of Indian Ragas and reggae have striking similarities, while the Latin, African and contemporary funk that’s spicing this one-sound, many-voices stew fits the all-world melange to a tee. Whatever your background, there’s music here for you.”- Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star

Lamajamal (Gypsy/folk/middle eastern fusion)  Lamajamal is a band without borders.” – Tony Sarabia, Chicago Public Radio
Lamajamal’s music combines Middle Eastern and Balkan traditions with luscious, dubbed-out production and a rock band’s sensibilities. Capable of dreamy, pensive soundscapes or raucous, jovial, party music, Lamajamal can take the listener all over the world, or just to the dance floor

Luciano Antonio – the Brazilian Jazz Guy (Brazilian guitarist, singer, composer, percussionist)

MAGIC CARPET (AfroMiddleEasternJazzFusion) Hypnotizing, intoxicating and exotic. Magic Carpet honors ancient music while taking a bold       step into the future. Transcending geographical boundaries, this music group takes the audience on an exhilarating ride through time and space. With the vibrations of Jazz, Reggae, and Funk, blended with the traditions of Africa, the Middle East, and India, Magic Carpet embarks on a spiritual journey every
time they take off.

Zamin crafts tight polyglot post-pop songs that mix Indian vocal techniques with indie/alternate rock music

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